AGS Audio Engineering represents a new standard in the state of the art of vacuum tube amplification. They are designed to last over time and offer a unique experience. An experience beyond  its innovative design and the world of sound possibilities it offers.

Its design blends the classic with the modern: transformers and tubes seen with a methacrylate box, thus being able to enjoy its internal construction while appreciating the attention to detail as a result of a handmade manufacturing.

The equipment allows different configurations that result in different nuances of sound. How do you want to configure the power tubes? Pentode mode, Ultra-Linear, or maybe do you like Triode mode more? On the other hand, the amplifier can work with and without global negative feedback. It doesn't matter if you handle these technical details or not. The final result is that you will have a combination of six different configuration modes that will allow you to have six different amplifiers in just one device. Discover which of them you like best! On the other hand, the preamplifier has a Tone Control with Bass and Treble to a precisely adjustment of the amplifier response. In addition, the equipment has three line inputs and one phono input, as well as headphone output.

To not leave aside the advantages offered by wireless connectivity, you can control the amplifier using your mobile phone.

The amplifier also includes internal control systems that offer safe and simple operation, despite its multiple functionalities. This is reflected, for example, in the automatic polarization adjustment system for power tubes and various alarm and protection systems in case of anomalous operating situations.

There are different manufacturing possibilities depending on the power and topology. These are:

  • 2x40W and 2x80W in Push-Pull topology.

  • 2x10W and 2x20W in Single-Ended topology.

And this is just the beginning... AGS Audio Engineering is a work philosophy whose goal is to maintain perfection on the horizon. Now close your eyes and enjoy the experience.