AGS Audio Engineering is a story about passion and dedication, a story about a taste for work well done and the search for the path to turn into reality what only exists in the imagination. And as it occurs with all stories, this also has a beginning, which is called Agustín García.

"Since I was a child I was always interested in everything related to technology and electricity, so I decided to study Industrial Engineering. At the age of 18 I bought my first electric guitar motivated by my love of music. It was the seed that would take me to merge my two greatest passions: electronics and music. From there I began to study pedals and amplifiers schematics, as well as make repairs and modifications. These were the bases to look further and carry out my own designs based on my musical experience and the one acquired in my working life as hardware designer in the industrial, aeronautical and satellital sectors".

The result of this work philosophy creates amplifiers at the forefront of technology, with leading quality levels and designed to last a lifetime.

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